Tuesday, January 31, 2006

When I first started.....

I started Mudding in 2003 when dad downloaded the ROM source code from rom.org. He ran it on his old Linux box which I could network to.
It was kinda hard but I got used to it. Then I decided to try the public ROM. My first character was a neutral fighter. He was all right but I decided to try again, so I made a neutral-good cleric that I still have but don't play much. I scrapped my warrior and remade him as an evil fighter. He is currently level 45 and I'm still trying to get him to Hero...hopefully before ROM closes. If I don't, well that's okay, I'll just miss playing with other people. It's going to be hard finding another MUD like ROM. I've been Mudding for about two years now, maybe three. I will be SO happy if ROM comes back, till then I'll be playing Runescape or Neverwinter Nights or some other game. But none I will remember as much as ROM.

Till then be seeing ya on some other game possibly.


Monday, January 30, 2006

Mordekai made a blog


i hope it works oh and send him an invite into ROM blog please.

his e-mail is mordekai@alltel.net

And check it out! Now I have my old account, so I'll be Marina again, not ME. Hehehe. Anyways. Byeeeeeeee!

HIIIIIII! Look! Look! I finally got a password and remembered me and stuff. Do you know how long it's been since I could log on here? Let me tell you. A VERY, VERY long time. Kroz just wants me on here to post self-injury stories, since I'm rather clumsy and inevitably do SOMETHING that's entertaining to her. Well. Today... I was actually graceful, for the most part! So yeh. Except, I went HORSEBACK riding *pointed glare at certain individuals* on Saturday, so I'm really quite sore from that. But that's just cuz my muscles are out of shape, not cuz I'm clumsy. So. Um. Yeh. I'm gonna go now, cuz I can't think of anything more to say. So bye and stuff!

Marina and the Blog

Marina for like 10 minutes could not figure out why shouldn't couldn't post to the blog. It's because she had logged in under her NEW username, and not her OLD username which was part of the blog.

And the best part is that Kroz didn't notice that is what happened. I had to point it out.


(And Marina Glitters...)

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Chaos! (No, not Foxtail) Order! (No, not a Pet)

For my graduate studies I have made a new website. Some of the stuff found in RRP and stardeo.rom.org will find a home on this new site too.


It even has a nifty blog! Even though most of you will be bored or annoyed of my design related babble. Yes, the portfolio and studies will appear this semester, since those are my projects in my graduate class. Eventually a Thesis will appear on the site. Yay for academia! I just want my ivory tower to have a hot tub.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

You scream in agony as plague sores errupt from your skin!

It's amazing what will fall out if you shake the Internet hard enough. =)

First joined up with ROM in '93, with the likes of Ezra, Lisa, Kate, and Alander in charge of things. Had a great time meeting new friends, including Kaitlin, who not only Imm'd with me but I eventually married. Survived a shutdown or two, several waves of new Immortals, and a transition to new management.

Fun memories of ROM to share:
* Causing The Great Plague using a plagued smurf, which not only infected the entire mud and caused linkdeaths due to all the screaming, but was only resolved by Imm-intervention - after several tries. Actually resulted in the plague code being pulled for several weeks to prevent a relapse. Morts would die, run for the pit, and be infected (and often dead) again before they could get there. Ah, the fun you can have as a mort. Plague was made less virulent after that. *evil grin*
* Seeing ROM with over 100 people online - daily, with highs of ~130. A "slow" period might only have 50.
* One of Ezra's "name that song" quests, which had me naming every song on a Rush CD until by process of elimination I figured out which it was.
* MadMan deciding to run his own Mud and making the Imms on at the time level 5 Immortals on his too. Of course, I promptly slayed him and got demoted. Damn my instincts. Went back to ROM where I could do that to people without reprisal.
* Ezra introducing me to Kaitlin, and both of us basically saying "Why not? I'm bored right now. " to getting mud-married around lvl 20. Who knew....
* Finally adding Daikomyo's head to my collection. At last, my arch-nemesis brought low....Now, if only I remembered why we always were annoying to each other.
* Finishing the Castle of Bane.
* The first person who thought drinking something green with floating smurf heads (the cauldron) was a "good" idea. Back when the spell level was 60, because drinking strange liquids really SHOULD kill you. =)
* Being so addicted to mudding I got kicked out of one college for never doing homework. But at least I Imm'd....
* Wondering why Stardeo, who had just Imm'd last time I'd played, was now managing the day-to-day business of the mud. And trying to remember not to mouth off to him like I do with most Imm's (part of the "Never piss off anything higher on the food chain than you are" mantra).
* Wondering who this Zump guy was.
* ShapeShifter as a 16-yr old, who'd started playing under ROM I. My hero.
* Realizing Lisa, one of the "fearsome" Imms when I was a mort, was actually several years younger than me. And a really nice lady too. =)
* Imms teaming up against Ozymandious while he was linkdead to restring all his equip before he gets back. Usually into feminine clothing of the not-for-public-viewing variety. =)

I could go on all night but I'm sure half of you are already asleep anyway - nobody listens to us old people anymore.

Hope to see some of you around again before the mud goes down. If only to add to my head collection.
- ShadowSpawn of ROM (Older than Dirt aura)/ Ishak

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Testing 1 2 3

if this worked then i've become a blogger yay me.
I hope rom will come back sooner or later (sooner rather than later)
i'll keep in touch throught this. and my e-mail is



oh and about saving rom i think we should all get the source code of 4.0 (or whatever version it is) and save it. that way if zump loses his or something like that we could have a backup (i suggest the imms take this role)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Saving ROM

Ok, ok, so ROM is about to end. Somewhere in the world a computer program will be shut down and we won´t be able to access it anymore.
But ROM is not simply some computer program running in some machine somewhere in the earth, it is more than that... ROM is the homeworld of a large number of daring heroes and powerfull immortals, and so far, they have succeeded in exploring, expanding and giving life to this world. I have spent a lot of hours in the role of Aeon, Nixon, Habor, Mirmex and other characters, and, as a slow leveller, have helped many newbies who would help me later... And although I spent so much of my time in that second reallity, I don't regret spending any single second.
So, what kind of heroes and Immortals would we be if we just let our beloved homeworld be destroyed? It might be hard, but there must be something that we can do - We must look for a way to save ROM!!! IF we don't succeed, at least we will know that we tried! So let's put our brains to work and see if something comes out.
I am sorry if I sound annoying or desperate, but I like ROM too much to just let it go. I know some of you well enough to know that you are feeling the same way (and I hope you are trying to figure out a solution too).

- Daniel (Aeon)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Everything has an end

I may not visit often these days. But its always been nice knowing I had a home on the net to come back to when I needed one.

((Rael aka Teran, eXy) aka James) , the soon to be net.homeless

MSN = eXcalibre21@hotmail.com
Yahoo = jamexy99@yahoo.com

Friday, January 13, 2006


As some of you have noticed, the immortal staff have been rather generous lately, to say the least. We have good reason for this, we want to reward you, the faithful players of ROM for your dedication to the game.

ROM started in February of 1991. It was a Merc MUD. Alander, knowing he could do better, started to write the ROM code. ROM II replaced the original Merc ROM in July of 1991. This ROM was up for a little over a year.

ROM at rom.org was launched shortly after that by Zump. If you believe the dates, ROM is about 15 years old. But, the real date that ROM began for any given person, is the first day they created their first character.

ROM is not about servers and code and releases; it's about the players. The history of the players is the most important history of rom.org's ROM.

After 15 years of hard service to the MUD community, Zump has decided that enough is enough and he has decided to stop hosting ROM. Please DO NOT email him with your opinions on the matter.

Make your peace with your friends. Get their emails if they wish togive them to you, and enjoy the rest of your mudding life knowing that you have been part of the playerbase in one of the MUDs with the most glorious history on the internet.

The MUD will be shut down on April 1st, 2006, because everybody (especially Zump) appreciates good irony.

Us, the staff at ROM wish you a pleasant tomorrow.

P.S. ROM has closed once, and it opened again as the mud you are playing. ROM is closing again, but it may open again. Updates, when available, will be made on the blog at riversofmud.blogspot.com

Feel free to leave comments! They will be read!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My Head Spins

This is so big, it makes my head spin!

What do I need to do it? Who do I trust with it?


Sunday, January 08, 2006

test post

test test

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Greetings fellow ROMers!

First post on the ROM blog, and im so excited!
So much, in fact, that i felt the need to share my favorite site with everyone!


Check it out, its endless hours of fun for the family!