Friday, March 31, 2006

I *heart* ROM

It's too bad that ROM is getting old, and needs to go off to a farm in the country where it will have lots of room to run around and many bunnies to chase.

Maybe some weekend, we can go out to the farm and visit ROM.

It'll be best for both us and ROM, because ROM just doesn't have enough room to run here in the city. It'll be better this way.

I know you'll miss ROM. We will all miss ROM, a lot. But, just think how happy ROM'll be!

One day, maybe in a little while, we'll get a new mud. We could even call it ROM after our good mud.

Now it's time to go. Here ROM! Come here, boy! That's a good ROM, just jump up into the car.


At 1:26 pm, Blogger zanthir said...

*sniffle* *cry*

I miss ROM.


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