Tuesday, January 31, 2006

When I first started.....

I started Mudding in 2003 when dad downloaded the ROM source code from rom.org. He ran it on his old Linux box which I could network to.
It was kinda hard but I got used to it. Then I decided to try the public ROM. My first character was a neutral fighter. He was all right but I decided to try again, so I made a neutral-good cleric that I still have but don't play much. I scrapped my warrior and remade him as an evil fighter. He is currently level 45 and I'm still trying to get him to Hero...hopefully before ROM closes. If I don't, well that's okay, I'll just miss playing with other people. It's going to be hard finding another MUD like ROM. I've been Mudding for about two years now, maybe three. I will be SO happy if ROM comes back, till then I'll be playing Runescape or Neverwinter Nights or some other game. But none I will remember as much as ROM.

Till then be seeing ya on some other game possibly.



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