Monday, June 27, 2005

Bartenner, gimme anofver!!!

In light of summer and fun, I worry about you boys! In an attempt to help, I provide the following link...

Have fun, and be safe! Drink another, as we wait for Kroz's sunbathing photo...

To tide you all over until the next edition of Ask Rael I thought I'd show you all a picture of my sweet ride (as seen from space). Yes that beautiful silvery white dot really is mine. As you can see it's parked just in front of my lovely home which is also pictured.

Stay tuned for photos of Kroz sunbathing nude on the rooftop of her chic downtown penthouse.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

and here's the other one.. not quite as exciting as the first :P

Here are the pictures from the links in Bamboozles Post. Fantastic picture of the Great Wall, really makes me want to go there.

What I wouldn't do for a quarter.

Well, there isn't much.

Hexed talked me into posting here with an elaborate scheme o' his - quite clever, I must admit, and he picked the right Dwarf fer it, too.

Ran a little quest there, "Identify the picture" - you can see it in the previous post there, a bit brownish thing with a greyish-brownish other thing and some brown. So I gots to thinkin', "What could be so brownish grey and brown?", and then I realized that this was a satellite shot of somethin'! Then me'brains really started smokin', I thought, "death valley?", I thought "Crater impact?", but then I realized that whatever it was in the middle there, wasn't part of the rest. "What could this thing be," I thought, "Sitting there in the middle of nowhere?

The Answer, of course, is Ayer's Rock, located in the midst of barren Australian outback. Not bad fer a whee dwarf, eh? Took me less than a minute, too.

Aaaaaanyhooo, I was also curteously invited to join in on this Blog (And fittingly so, I'm the most valuable player out there), so I politely refused. Then he insisted, and insisted, and eventually, as you can imagine in mortal-to-immortal relations, someone had to give, and typically, the nice ol' Dwarf gets it. Figures.

To make a long story longer, I was finally persuaded to post pictures here. These are two pictures I've taken in the past two weeks, the first of my climb up the Great Wall of China, in an area called JinShanLing, north of Beijing, the other of my own balcony back home (I'll leave you to guess where that is, though clues are few and there ain't no reward, heh heh heh).

JinShanLing to Simatai Great Wall section:

Good Old Home:

Can anyone guess what this photo is of? (Quarter token to the first correct responce)

This is my cat Pearl enjoying the warmth coming from the power supply fan.

This photo was taken by me at the same place as the tent photo, it's in central New South Wales. My parents go there every Easter long weekend to pick mushrooms.

Here's my tent, it's a 4 season mountaineering tent that is total overkill for anything in Australia. When I go back in time and buy some shares in microsoft I'll actually have enough money to go over to NZ and do some mountaineering courses.

Exams are over

Well I had my last exam for the semester this morning, so I'm glad thats done with.
At the risk further making this statement into a veritable ROM cliche 'I'll be running some quests soon hopefully'.
Keep up the voting on mudconnector everyone, we have managed to stick in the top ten for a while now, good job. I'll be aiming to liven up this blog by posting regularly, and I encourage everyone to do the same. Post anything! well ok not quite anything, I'm not really into goat porn. I'm sure everyone can think of atleast a few lines of something mildly interesting. Personally I'll be posting all sorts of junk, links to amusing news stories, pictures of random things in my life, thoughts on current events etc.
I'm always interested in the lives of people that live in other countries . Photos of things that may seem mundane to you could be really interesting to others.

And here's todays link

Pizza Shop Robber Leaves Job Application

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Ask Rael

Having trouble with your .mud relationship? Your alternate identities just can't seem to get along? I'll answer these questions and more in my weekly Rivers of Mud themed advice column. Send me your burning questions and have them answered by someone who kind of really cares and is almost competent enough to answer them!

Ask Rael Preview:

Dear Ask Rael,
I'm a level 20ish Dwarf and I'm desperately in love with my best friend who happens to be a level 19 Elf. We have been on many a quest and long journey together but I'm afraid she'll never see me as anything other than a friend. How can I broach the subject and find out how she really feels without risking damage to our friendship?
Short and Smitten in New Thalos.

Dear Short and Smitten,
The answer to your question is as short and simple as your stature and intellect. Even the most homely of elven men are far to beautiful for you to contend with. Why would she want to be with you when she could have the love of an elf such as myself? If you value the friendship of your superior friend then you must accept your roll as the comedy sidekick.
Yours Truly, Ask Rael

Send your questions to Rael at telnet:// All answers will be posted anonymously.

Saturday, June 11, 2005


So I decided to check the voice mail at work to see if there was anyone who wanted to make an appointment...

I got one message.

It was from someone who left a three second message of them sticking their tongue out and vibrating their lips. (Try it and you'll understand the title of this blog entry.)

What makes it more amusing is that, for those of you that don't know, I work in a psychiatric office.

*walks away and laughs herself silly*