Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Kroz and the evil whey wench!

So, I went to the gym last night and decided to have one of the frufu drinks at the juice bar after my workout. Well, that was a mistake...

They have this really nasty (both in attitude and looks) girl working behind the counter. I ordered a banana flavoured drink, she usually makes them but last night she was training a chimp to make them. Apparently he either can't count or read, or both.

She told him to add 8 oz of skim milk, one scoop of powder, a banana and a large scoop of ice. Doesn't sound too difficult, does it?

Anyways, he didn't add the full 8 oz of skim milk because he ran out of milk in the container and didn't know where the extras were. He then proceeded to put in half a scoop of powder and the banana. He squeezed the banana, yes squeezed, into the blender and took the very end of it and popped it in his mouth. I guess they don't feed chimps as well at the gym as they do in the zoo. As far as the ice goes, he put in a scoop and half.

Of course once it was blended it didn't look right, so he added some water. Yes, just what an already watery drink needs...more water!

So she handed me the drink and it (obviously) didn't look right so I asked her to make another. She tossed the drink in the trash and splashed part of the wall with it. She claimed it always looked like that. She then went to the back room to get more milk while muttering under her breath 'of course it looks like shit, there's no protein in it.'

She came back and again the chimp proceeded to make the drink, and this time she watched him. Amazingly enough, he made it correctly while she was watching him like a hawk.

Anways, I think I'm done with buying drinks from them. I don't need to be treated rudely and pay $4.25 for that privilege. ;)

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

It's been entirely too long... my computer is back from Apple in one piece, with the problem part replaced on my computer. Things are very, very happy.

Anyway, I seem to have made it through the first quarter more or less unscathed. We'll see how much time I will have for any building pretty soon. How many of you are interested in some kind of a player drive?