Monday, October 25, 2004

Most toilets flush in the key of Eb

Mine however, flushes in they key of G. I checked. What key does YOUR toilet flush in? Try it! Flush your toilet, listen to the dominant pitch, then try and find it on a keyboard. Good luck! I actually wanna hear results!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Well, the manager of the gym finally got back to us about that first missed appointment. Their solution is to give us one additional personal training session AND a complete exercise regimen that we should follow. Personally it's a lot more that I expected that we would get from them. So we basically get everything we want...for free. WOO!

Friday, October 15, 2004

Will wonders never cease?

If you've been following the past thread from me about the gym, this should amuse you.

Tonight I got a call from our personal trainer who was wondering if we had made a decision about getting more lessons from her (24 lessons for $2000+ or 16 lessons for $1247). Anyways, she hadn't heard from us (gee, I wonder why). I told her that the price was just too much and that we were going to do things on our own. Well, now there are new 'magical' prices that she just happened to yank out of her ass.

Apparently, we 'qualify' for their s00per d00per package of 4 lessons for $320. I gather they just toss out those big packages to see how many sucke, err people, jump at the chance to spend that kind of money. Now, granted if you do the math it's still the same amount of money per lesson (give or take). It just amuses me to no end that they now have this price for us...and that she's 'concerned' about us doing our own thing.

I told her I'd get back to her about it, but that's only because she called in the middle of our shabbos dinner. (You would think that they would know not to call Jewish clients on a Friday night at dinner time considering that the club is in the middle of the Jewish community...or *any* client during dinner time for that matter.) But then again, their dietician never heard of challah. Go figure.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

So this seal walked into a club...

We went to the gym again and had a pretty intense workout. It was our last meeting with our personal trainer, and at the end of the session we were taken into an office to talk about adding more personal training sessions, which of course isn't included in the original package we signed up for.

We were told that if we wanted to add more sessions, they could give us 24 sessions for $2200 and talked all about the benefits of doing so. When I turned to my hubby and said 'umm that's a little much', they suddenly had this other offer...16 sessions for $1247 provided that one of us was a student. As my hubby is currently doing his MBA, they said we 'qualified'. They also mentioned that if we took part in the personal training, they could GUARANTEE that we'd lose 10 pounds and 1-2 inches off our waist in a month. If we didn't, they'd give us extra training sessions. WOO!

By the way, we are going to decline taking part in the extra training sessions, I don't see much benefit in doing so.

The guy who was talking to us gave me the willies, he was trying to be our best friend. He was saying things such as 'I don't normally do this for our clients, but I can make an exception in your case.' and 'We have to keep this between us' and 'I could get fired if this got out!' Since my hubby does marketing for a living, both of us just sort of looked at each other and smirked. It was such a lousy sales pitch, you could smell it.

*IF* we joined up for the extra 16 sessions, we would have to follow their diet plan, which to me, sounds a little odd. We basically have to eat *A LOT* of protein a day, we were told that we'd have to eat our weight in grams of protein a day. For instance, if you weigh 150 pounds, you have to eat 150 grams of protein every day. To me that sounds a little...high. We were told as an example that an entire can of tuna has 15 grams of do the math to consider eating those 150 grams.

Does this sound wonky to any of you?

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Vampire appointment

Just gave blood today! Everyone should give blood. Yay.

*huff puff pant*

So we *finally* got to our first session with the personal trainer (read the previous blog entries for background information. :))

I'm so out of shape it's not even funny. Our p.t. had us doing stretches, situps, pushups, weightlifting...and this is after not doing any exercise on a regular basis in a long time (too long to mention actually). It was really kind of sad not being able to do some of the things she tried to get us to do.

Hopefully things will be a little better when we go back on Thursday. She did, however, give us some 'homework' to do until then. We have to write down *everything* that we eat over the next two days and she'll tell us how bad we are. YAY!

Monday, October 04, 2004


Just a quick follow-up on the 'attempt' to exercise...

So I got a call this morning at 10:30 from our personal (non)trainer who apologized for what happened yesterday. He claimed he was the head trainer (g-d help us) and that he doesn't do the initial assessment. He also said that he wasn't supposed to do the assessment with us and that someone named 'Michael' was and that it was in the book for 10:30. So I reminded him that we had been scheduled for 10:00, to which he quickly responded 'oh yes, here it is, 10:00.'

He then tried to put the onus on me and said that *I* should have called to confirm, even though I had already talked to him earlier in the week and confirmed it. *yanks out copious amounts of hair*

So he asked me when we want to come in again, and I told him Tuesday at 5:30pm to which he replied, "Can you come in at 5:00? I'll do the assessment." Though I didn't say it, I was thinking 'didn't you just say you don't do the initial assessment?' But I did say 'No, we work and can't make it in for then.' Apparently he didn't get the subtle hint and then suggested that we arrange another time. Umm, isn't he the one that should be bending over backwards to suit *US*? Guess this gym failed their customer service course...

So now I have to wait for a call from another personal trainer who is supposed to call us sometime today. If they don't call us, then I was told that the appointment is not confirmed. Buh?

Sunday, October 03, 2004


about that audition? YAY! Out of 50 females trying out for 7 roles, I got one! I'm one of two people in the 19 person cast who has not actually performed and made a name for themselves yet. It's nerve-wracking, but rehearsals are everyday after school til 6 until December starting tomorrow and I'm so excited! The cast is AMAZING, just hope I can live up to it! But yes... Music music music drama drama music WOO! Anyways, in a rush, bye bye!

Attempt #1 at getting buff...

Well, we had our first appointment with the personal trainer today and I'd like to say it went well, but...

We showed up at 9:45am for our appointment at 10:00 so that we had time to get changed and wait. So we took our time and went to the front desk and waited for our trainer. Then we waited some more...and yet even more. One of the other trainers poked their heads out of their burrow at 10:15 to say that they had just called our trainer and he had 'left his house' and suggested that we go to the treadmills and get warmed up since we should be 'ready to go' when he gets here. Silly me, I thought the onus should be on the trainer. :)

So we used the treadmills for 20 minutes and got increasingly frustrated and went back to the front desk at 10:35...and STILL no trainer. So we were asked if we wanted to reschedule. I felt like saying 'no, I'd like to stand here like an idiot for a little while longer, can we?' Anyways, we rescheduled for Tuesday after work.

It's such a letdown, we were looking forward to this all week. :(