Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Posted this on Frappr too

where is everyone mudding now? mat mud emperia? where else?! where the hell is everyone dammit?! where are the old gods?!!?!?! Mota is dead? aaaaaargh You see stars, and then black! You lose a level!!!

Xargon - the worst mudder of all!


At 3:13 am, Blogger Kroz said...

I currently play on MatMud...check it out or I'll squish you!

(Can I squish you anyways?)

At 10:06 am, Blogger Arkon said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 10:07 am, Blogger Arkon said...

Dont fear Kroz, shes just a mortal now, like us. She can do no harm.

At 1:19 pm, Blogger Foxtail said...

*laughs until she falls down*

At 7:11 pm, Blogger Kroz said...

*I* can do no harm? Oh, you so underestimate me.

Have you learned nothing?!

*props foxtail up and knocks her back down* (just because I can)


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