Saturday, March 18, 2006

just a line...

well, i will not spend your time whining or crying, nor will i say that i can host ROM for a while (or for ever, which really does not really differ for me). i just wanted to say thanks for everybody who made ROM happening. like 8 years (ok, not every day, but some hours once now and then) here made my life like more colorful (and i hope other lifes, too). and what i do apreciate most - the atmosphere. i will miss it. really. in fact i just can't think of any other place that would do...

take care everyone. i'll miss you.

p.s. the warmest hugs go to : xenanna, lotex, foxtail and others whose names i can not remember (bad memory, sorry guys). and yes, Kroz.
pps. i'll be hanging around somewhere... playing with wireless bridges, routing loops, DHCP and watching over dumb users giving away their passwords. if something important happens - just write me a line.


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