Monday, March 27, 2006

Bye Bye

Well, It might be a little late, but I would like to say that I really loved to play with you all. I know that I will still meet some of you, in Bob or in other muds, or hear of you on the blog or in frappr, but I will miss the good times spent in ROM...
I created my first character, Nixon (not a crook!), in 1998. It took some time to learn some tricks of the game, so that years later, I could for the first time get past level 30, with Aeon, currently my favorite character (mages rock!). In all these years, I had a second home here. Felt joyful, desperate, and happy about my character several times (even had my heart beating fast before some fights!). I had honorable adventuring companions (including some that, because of my sloooow levelling, asked for my help when newbies, then ended helping me out - one of these even became an Imm!), broke some rules (always by accident *blink innocently*), and met extremely helpful and friendly Immortals.
There are some names that I will never forget: Arkon, Kroz, Noelani, Foxtail, Nall, Luminousity, Dierna, Hino, Gothos, Scorpios, Xenanna, Marina and so many others...
Besides the good people, that I might even meet somewhere else, I will miss the game itself. It is by far the best mud I ever played, and I feel it will take long before I find another good as this one. It is really a pity to see it close. I really wish that it will re-open someday, but, anyway, borrowing Kroz's words, I am proud that I've been part of the playerbase of this glorious MUD.

[]s to all of you!
Aeon, the Apprentice of Mudding


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