Tuesday, January 24, 2006

You scream in agony as plague sores errupt from your skin!

It's amazing what will fall out if you shake the Internet hard enough. =)

First joined up with ROM in '93, with the likes of Ezra, Lisa, Kate, and Alander in charge of things. Had a great time meeting new friends, including Kaitlin, who not only Imm'd with me but I eventually married. Survived a shutdown or two, several waves of new Immortals, and a transition to new management.

Fun memories of ROM to share:
* Causing The Great Plague using a plagued smurf, which not only infected the entire mud and caused linkdeaths due to all the screaming, but was only resolved by Imm-intervention - after several tries. Actually resulted in the plague code being pulled for several weeks to prevent a relapse. Morts would die, run for the pit, and be infected (and often dead) again before they could get there. Ah, the fun you can have as a mort. Plague was made less virulent after that. *evil grin*
* Seeing ROM with over 100 people online - daily, with highs of ~130. A "slow" period might only have 50.
* One of Ezra's "name that song" quests, which had me naming every song on a Rush CD until by process of elimination I figured out which it was.
* MadMan deciding to run his own Mud and making the Imms on at the time level 5 Immortals on his too. Of course, I promptly slayed him and got demoted. Damn my instincts. Went back to ROM where I could do that to people without reprisal.
* Ezra introducing me to Kaitlin, and both of us basically saying "Why not? I'm bored right now. " to getting mud-married around lvl 20. Who knew....
* Finally adding Daikomyo's head to my collection. At last, my arch-nemesis brought low....Now, if only I remembered why we always were annoying to each other.
* Finishing the Castle of Bane.
* The first person who thought drinking something green with floating smurf heads (the cauldron) was a "good" idea. Back when the spell level was 60, because drinking strange liquids really SHOULD kill you. =)
* Being so addicted to mudding I got kicked out of one college for never doing homework. But at least I Imm'd....
* Wondering why Stardeo, who had just Imm'd last time I'd played, was now managing the day-to-day business of the mud. And trying to remember not to mouth off to him like I do with most Imm's (part of the "Never piss off anything higher on the food chain than you are" mantra).
* Wondering who this Zump guy was.
* ShapeShifter as a 16-yr old, who'd started playing under ROM I. My hero.
* Realizing Lisa, one of the "fearsome" Imms when I was a mort, was actually several years younger than me. And a really nice lady too. =)
* Imms teaming up against Ozymandious while he was linkdead to restring all his equip before he gets back. Usually into feminine clothing of the not-for-public-viewing variety. =)

I could go on all night but I'm sure half of you are already asleep anyway - nobody listens to us old people anymore.

Hope to see some of you around again before the mud goes down. If only to add to my head collection.
- ShadowSpawn of ROM (Older than Dirt aura)/ Ishak


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