Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Saving ROM

Ok, ok, so ROM is about to end. Somewhere in the world a computer program will be shut down and we won´t be able to access it anymore.
But ROM is not simply some computer program running in some machine somewhere in the earth, it is more than that... ROM is the homeworld of a large number of daring heroes and powerfull immortals, and so far, they have succeeded in exploring, expanding and giving life to this world. I have spent a lot of hours in the role of Aeon, Nixon, Habor, Mirmex and other characters, and, as a slow leveller, have helped many newbies who would help me later... And although I spent so much of my time in that second reallity, I don't regret spending any single second.
So, what kind of heroes and Immortals would we be if we just let our beloved homeworld be destroyed? It might be hard, but there must be something that we can do - We must look for a way to save ROM!!! IF we don't succeed, at least we will know that we tried! So let's put our brains to work and see if something comes out.
I am sorry if I sound annoying or desperate, but I like ROM too much to just let it go. I know some of you well enough to know that you are feeling the same way (and I hope you are trying to figure out a solution too).

- Daniel (Aeon)


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