Thursday, June 23, 2005

What I wouldn't do for a quarter.

Well, there isn't much.

Hexed talked me into posting here with an elaborate scheme o' his - quite clever, I must admit, and he picked the right Dwarf fer it, too.

Ran a little quest there, "Identify the picture" - you can see it in the previous post there, a bit brownish thing with a greyish-brownish other thing and some brown. So I gots to thinkin', "What could be so brownish grey and brown?", and then I realized that this was a satellite shot of somethin'! Then me'brains really started smokin', I thought, "death valley?", I thought "Crater impact?", but then I realized that whatever it was in the middle there, wasn't part of the rest. "What could this thing be," I thought, "Sitting there in the middle of nowhere?

The Answer, of course, is Ayer's Rock, located in the midst of barren Australian outback. Not bad fer a whee dwarf, eh? Took me less than a minute, too.

Aaaaaanyhooo, I was also curteously invited to join in on this Blog (And fittingly so, I'm the most valuable player out there), so I politely refused. Then he insisted, and insisted, and eventually, as you can imagine in mortal-to-immortal relations, someone had to give, and typically, the nice ol' Dwarf gets it. Figures.

To make a long story longer, I was finally persuaded to post pictures here. These are two pictures I've taken in the past two weeks, the first of my climb up the Great Wall of China, in an area called JinShanLing, north of Beijing, the other of my own balcony back home (I'll leave you to guess where that is, though clues are few and there ain't no reward, heh heh heh).

JinShanLing to Simatai Great Wall section:

Good Old Home:


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