Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Ask Rael

Having trouble with your .mud relationship? Your alternate identities just can't seem to get along? I'll answer these questions and more in my weekly Rivers of Mud themed advice column. Send me your burning questions and have them answered by someone who kind of really cares and is almost competent enough to answer them!

Ask Rael Preview:

Dear Ask Rael,
I'm a level 20ish Dwarf and I'm desperately in love with my best friend who happens to be a level 19 Elf. We have been on many a quest and long journey together but I'm afraid she'll never see me as anything other than a friend. How can I broach the subject and find out how she really feels without risking damage to our friendship?
Short and Smitten in New Thalos.

Dear Short and Smitten,
The answer to your question is as short and simple as your stature and intellect. Even the most homely of elven men are far to beautiful for you to contend with. Why would she want to be with you when she could have the love of an elf such as myself? If you value the friendship of your superior friend then you must accept your roll as the comedy sidekick.
Yours Truly, Ask Rael

Send your questions to Rael at telnet://rom.org:9000. All answers will be posted anonymously.


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