Thursday, May 12, 2005

Have you heard the jingle?!?

Ohhh... I get to be part of the "once-known-as-*Imm*" board!!! I feel so special! It's even better than that idea to hold a "toe nail painting-ice cream-massage-pizza-how to make balloon animals" party!!!

So life is good, other than no one came to my party but my stuffed Pound Puppy and my hippo... I am having a young-life-crisis, highly considering quitting both my jobs in nursing as well as real estate, and finding something altogether new! I do have high aspirations of going back to school this fall, and at the moment don't really know what to study, so I plan to just get my associates in business to start. *sigh* Is this normal?

My Pound Puppy is named Fred... I named him Fred when I was probably 5 or 6... thought it was the greatest male name in the world! Thank the Lord I did not have the chance to name a child at the time. The other one doesn't have a name. Fred has been through a lot. In tenth grade, my dog at the time (a real one), Pinot, got ahold of Fred one morning when I must've pushed him off the bed (yes, I still slept with him at 16). He tore his face to ShReDs!!!

When I woke up and found it, I bawled for an hour!!! That same day, I took him to a friend's house, whose mother did a lot of sewing. It took her about two weeks to get him back to me, but she did a Dr. Frankenstein job on him, and recreated his face... not quite the best plastic, err cloth, surgeon around, but I had Fred back.

The hippo? Well, he's chenille, and soft... and still nameless. Lost in the void, perhaps? Yes, I am now 23 years old, and still sleep with stuffed animals, but I figure that until something more lively kicks them out, I'll keep it up. Makes me feel loved. ;)

Alas, the bread on my balcony, for those of you who've heard this story, is still there. One of these days I'll buy a broom and sweep it off, but today is not that day. Tomorrow? Not then either.

I worked last night, so I'm going to play ROM for a bit, wear myself out, and get to sleep (with my boys). Aww, damn... just drank my diet cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper from a water jug, and it's poisoned. Manah manah!


At 8:02 am, Blogger Kroz said...

While I did have stuffed animals growing up, my dog never attacked them. He humped them, sure. He'd pee on them, sure. But he never attacked them.

I used to have a stuffed Dino (which might explain the attachment I have for my description that I haven't changed in years) that somehow got ripped. I think I was about seven or so and my mom asked if she wanted me to have her sew him up. I said no and stuck a bandaid on his forehead. He still might be at my mom's house. Hmmm.


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