Monday, May 16, 2005

Bell Mobility SUCKS

So, for those of you who have been following the blog lately know that our car was broken into. We got the car back last week and found out that there was $6200 damage. YIKES! Thank goodness for insurance, we only had to pay the $500 deductible.

One thing I forgot to mention in the previous blogs is that my hubby has (well, had) a bad habit of keeping his cell in the car. So while we were waiting for the police to arrive, we obviously didn't touch the car and we were unsure if the cell was stolen. To be safe, he called up Bell and cancelled his cell phone. He was also told that when he reactivates the phone he would get a good deal.

He wanted to reactivate his cell and went into the Bell World store. That's right, Bell isn't just a store, they're a whole world! He talked to the clerk behind the desk and explained what happened and that he wanted to reactivate the account. He currently had a plan that was $25/month for 100 minutes. The clerk, to protect her identity I'll call her "twitbitch" suggested that he could save money by getting a package for $35/month for 200 minutes. Ok, granted he'd double the minutes, but he only needs the cell for emergencies.

He explained to "twitbitch" that he only uses the phone for emergencies and he's never even used the 100 minutes/month as is. He asked her "how would paying $35/month be saving me money when I currently pay $25/month?" She gave him a look like a deer caught in headlights and couldn't form a coherent thought after that. She told him to call up Bell on Monday morning to see if he could get a better deal. Now keep in mind that he's been with Bell Mobility for six years, you would think they would want to keep him happy (or any customer for that matter) since there is so much competition out there.

Anyways, he asked me to call Bell this morning to try to get a better deal than what was offered. So I called up and spoke to another buttmunch who offered him the same deal, but suggested he could save $2/month if he took the $35/month package because he could bundle two of their services. IF he took that package he'd be paying $33/month instead of the $35/month, but that's still more than the $25/month he was previously paying.

I explained to the guy that we were supposed to get a good deal, etc., but it didn't seem to phase him. This guy just didn't seem to get it. Anyways, I asked him to put in a request for a manager to call us to discuss a better package. I also mentioned that I wasn't happy with him, I asked "how are you enticing us to stay with Bell Mobility? We could just go with Fido, Rogers, Telus." to which he had no response and just recited whatever was on his script and said "Is there anything else I can help you with? Thank you for calling Bell."

Yes, thank you indeed.


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