Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Bell Mobility STILL sucks

Since I couldn't post for the past week because there was something wrong with my computer or something, I'll fill you all in on what happened last Wednesday when I followed up with Bell.

If you remember, I called up on Monday and was told I would hear from a manager in 48 hours to discuss re-signing with Bell. I didn't hear anything, so I called them up.

First, I spoke to someone named Francoise who told me that I couldn't make any changes on my husband's account since the phone isn't in my name. I explained politely to her that the bill comes to both of us (and therefore my name IS on the account). She said that technically the bill was addressed to both of us but the phone is in my husband's name. My brain started to hurt at this point, so I asked her how I could discuss his plan. She told me that I would have to have him call, give his permission to allow me to discuss his plan, then I could call back. GAH!

So, I called my hubby at work (in the middle of a meeting, no less) to tell him to call Bell so I could call Bell. Following this so far?

He called, spoke to someone named Diane and got everything straightened out. He called me back to let me know that I could go ahead with calling Bell back.

I called Bell back and asked to speak to Francoise again, but they couldn't transfer the line to her. Buh? They're the phone company and they can't transfer calls? Whatever.

So I spoke to someone named Ben who was a complete and utter moron. I went through the whole story with him about our car being broken into, that my hubby cancelled the phone and we now need to restart the service again. I also told him that I was told I would hear from a manager within 48 hours. Keep in mind, that after all of this I was rather perturbed. So I nicely, but firmly, asked to speak to a manager. He said he couldn't transfer the call since it was something he could deal with and he would get into trouble for transferring such a call. I told him I understood, but I wanted to speak to the manager since I was promised that call back.

Long story short, he got really nasty with me and threatened to hang up on me. Goooooo customer service! So I beat him to the punch and slammed the phone down. *cough*

I called back and spoke to someone named Wendy who actually *gasp* listened to what I was saying and put me through to a manager. I was probably on hold for about 3-5 minutes before the manager (David) got on the phone. I complained, of course, about how Ben treated me, but he didn't seem to really care.

We discussed the plans, we're not saving a cent, but my hubby wanted to stay with Bell regardless because of their coverage. *shrug*

At the end of the call, I again complained about Ben and David had the gall to say to me "were you rude to him first?" I just sat there staring at my phone in disbelief as we ended the call.

If it were up to me, I would have dropped Bell altogether after that kind of treatment. Oh well, at least he's now got a phone again.



At 1:35 pm, Blogger Dierna said...

Whaaaaaat??? Your head started to hurt??? My head hurts all the time! Are you sure you're not blonde? I mean, you're starting to sound a bit like me, there Krozzie... watch it! Pretty soon you'll be in the lovely land of dazed and confused wonkiness just like me! Population: 1


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