Friday, October 15, 2004

Will wonders never cease?

If you've been following the past thread from me about the gym, this should amuse you.

Tonight I got a call from our personal trainer who was wondering if we had made a decision about getting more lessons from her (24 lessons for $2000+ or 16 lessons for $1247). Anyways, she hadn't heard from us (gee, I wonder why). I told her that the price was just too much and that we were going to do things on our own. Well, now there are new 'magical' prices that she just happened to yank out of her ass.

Apparently, we 'qualify' for their s00per d00per package of 4 lessons for $320. I gather they just toss out those big packages to see how many sucke, err people, jump at the chance to spend that kind of money. Now, granted if you do the math it's still the same amount of money per lesson (give or take). It just amuses me to no end that they now have this price for us...and that she's 'concerned' about us doing our own thing.

I told her I'd get back to her about it, but that's only because she called in the middle of our shabbos dinner. (You would think that they would know not to call Jewish clients on a Friday night at dinner time considering that the club is in the middle of the Jewish community...or *any* client during dinner time for that matter.) But then again, their dietician never heard of challah. Go figure.


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