Monday, October 04, 2004


Just a quick follow-up on the 'attempt' to exercise...

So I got a call this morning at 10:30 from our personal (non)trainer who apologized for what happened yesterday. He claimed he was the head trainer (g-d help us) and that he doesn't do the initial assessment. He also said that he wasn't supposed to do the assessment with us and that someone named 'Michael' was and that it was in the book for 10:30. So I reminded him that we had been scheduled for 10:00, to which he quickly responded 'oh yes, here it is, 10:00.'

He then tried to put the onus on me and said that *I* should have called to confirm, even though I had already talked to him earlier in the week and confirmed it. *yanks out copious amounts of hair*

So he asked me when we want to come in again, and I told him Tuesday at 5:30pm to which he replied, "Can you come in at 5:00? I'll do the assessment." Though I didn't say it, I was thinking 'didn't you just say you don't do the initial assessment?' But I did say 'No, we work and can't make it in for then.' Apparently he didn't get the subtle hint and then suggested that we arrange another time. Umm, isn't he the one that should be bending over backwards to suit *US*? Guess this gym failed their customer service course...

So now I have to wait for a call from another personal trainer who is supposed to call us sometime today. If they don't call us, then I was told that the appointment is not confirmed. Buh?


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