Sunday, October 03, 2004

Attempt #1 at getting buff...

Well, we had our first appointment with the personal trainer today and I'd like to say it went well, but...

We showed up at 9:45am for our appointment at 10:00 so that we had time to get changed and wait. So we took our time and went to the front desk and waited for our trainer. Then we waited some more...and yet even more. One of the other trainers poked their heads out of their burrow at 10:15 to say that they had just called our trainer and he had 'left his house' and suggested that we go to the treadmills and get warmed up since we should be 'ready to go' when he gets here. Silly me, I thought the onus should be on the trainer. :)

So we used the treadmills for 20 minutes and got increasingly frustrated and went back to the front desk at 10:35...and STILL no trainer. So we were asked if we wanted to reschedule. I felt like saying 'no, I'd like to stand here like an idiot for a little while longer, can we?' Anyways, we rescheduled for Tuesday after work.

It's such a letdown, we were looking forward to this all week. :(


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