Sunday, September 19, 2004

We all survived!

So today was the day we took Deuce into the vet for his annual checkup and vaccination. He survived...can't say the same about us.

Got up early to put him on the scale to weigh him, since doing that at the vet clinic is next to impossible. Since he won't stand still on the scale, I decided to weigh myself and then weigh myself holding him. Well he didn't like the sound of the scale so he decided to leap from my arms, but not before leaving four deep scratches in my left arm as he bounded from my grasp. Next came the fun part!

Anyone who has ever had to administer medication to a pet can empathize with me. I gave my little, sweet cat one half of a 5mg valium (adult--read: human dose). We then tossed him into the den (aka 'his room') so if he got too dopey there were less things for him to hurt himself on. About an hour and a half later he was all floppy and sleepy. So naive us thought he would be 'good to go' to the vet. How wrong we were...

No sooner had we packed him into his travel cage and gone out to the hallway of our apartment had the hissing and spitting started. What fun! We put him in the car and his little floppy paw started trying to get at us...and then the growling began! Thankfully the vet clinic is a five minute drive from our apartment.

Once there, they asked us to take him out of the travel cage so they could put him on their scale. Well, there was a large dog in the waiting room and Deuce freaked out even more (if that was even possible). Thanks to our forethought, as I mentioned, we had already weighed him at home.

We saw the vet and she asked us to take him out of the cage, which we declined to do and told her to read his past history. What they always do is take him downstairs so they can have all the technicians jump on him and attempt to control him while the vet administers his vaccinations. He was downstairs with the vet for about ten minutes and since we didn't hear any bloodcurdling screams, we assumed all was well.

She brought Deuce back up and gave him a clean bill of health, though honestly I don't know how much of an exam they could really do when he's riled up. She only said two things about him:

1) He thinks on his feet (which I can only assume means that he was a holy terror downstairs)

2) He needs to have his teeth cleaned (I'm sure he gave the vet a good view of his teeth during the exam) ;)

So all in all, not a bad day...except my kitty's still all floppy on the couch watching t.v. with my hubby.


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