Monday, September 13, 2004

My cat's a ninja!

Lately every night when I use the computer, the cat sneaks up behind me and meows as loud as humanly (well, felinely) possible to get my attention. It's not like I neglect him or anything, but he wants attention when HE wants it and the rest of the world be damned!

Anyways, he's started a new thing. In addition to sneaking up on me, he now stands on his hind legs and puts his front paws on the back of the chair that I'm sitting on. So he basically stands up, makes himself all long and lanky, and swats at my neck/shoulders/hair and whatever else he can get his paws on. If that's not enough, last night, he jumped and pulled himself up the back of the chair so he was standing on it. Quite the feat for such a docile animal!

On top of that, my husband and I get to take him in for his vaccines and annual checkup. We got a notice in the mail a few weeks ago that it was time...well, I say 'we' but the letter was addressed to my cat. You know it's sad when your cat gets mail and you don't. Deuce (my cat) is the sweetest thing in the world but I feel so badly when we have to take him into the vet. I don't really feel badly for him, since it has to be done, I feel badly for the unfortunate veterinarian that has to handle him.

Most cats don't like going to the vet, which is understandable, but Deuce goes psycho when we have to take him in. First we have to 'prep' him which means cutting his nails (which we do for his safety and the safety of the technicians and vet that have to deal with him), and giving him some Valium...the cat, not the vet. Yes, my cat is so incredibly psycho that we have to give him Valium. Valium! For a cat!

On top of the Valium, they need four people to surround and handle him so he doesn't kill everyone in sight. Does he really look that evil? Anyways, that's what this coming weekend's 'fun' is going to be. Wish me luck!


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