Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Sooooooooooo hey people. I'm Marina. Duh. :) Umm... figured I'd jump on the bandwagon with the whole bloggy thing too, WOO! Ummmmm... so I guess I'm supposed to tell you stuff? Okay... I'm younger than you... or most likely. There are probably very few people younger than me on here. I live in Canadawhichisthebestcountryintheworldwooo aaand am attempting to graduate this year. :) I sing constantly, play the piano decently, and am learning the drums and the guitar. Love horses and horse back riding, and animals in general, and my puppy is coming back in November after being away for 2 whole years! *SOB* But she's coming so that makes it all better. Ugh, I've never been good at these things. What to say next? Umm... I'm in the school choir (had solos the past two years, yayyyyy!), trying out for Vocal Jazz (auditioned jazz group) right now, (nother rehearsal is actually tomorrow. I have music every day of the week, isn't that nuts?) and... in drama! First collective rehearsal today. It was pretty cool; I love drama kids, they're so unique/original/CRAZY/fun! I think it's gonna be amazing. Supposed to be doing the playwright thing, probably next semester as well. Have a pretty cool idea about it, but can't really describe it yet as I started writing at 1:30 in the morning, so I'm not 100% sure where it's going. Once I do, I guarantee (well, not really, but it sounds good) to say it'll be awesome, so yeh. Ummm... yeh. I'm cold. And my room needs cleaning. So I'm going to go change out of my super awesome skirt that I got at this medieval store thing when I was on vacation (it's suelvet! Suede/velvet, and soooooo soft and warm and pretty AAAAND it was on sale! Teehee!), and go put away clothes and probably sleep and all that boring stuff y'all PROBABLY couldn't care less about. And if you do well... Tough! :) I'm sleepy. So yes. Farewell!


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