Saturday, August 28, 2004

Gothos' joy-spreading

Hello, one and all! I'm doing this under orders from everyone's favourite Canadian, Kroz, but I am most put out to find that the username Gothos isn't available. It's MINE, damnit.

Anyhow, I think I'll go the way of Foxy and deliver a resume kind of thing. So hold your breaths, girls and boys, I'm British.

At the moment, I'm 19, studying for my Bachelors in Classical Studies & Informatics at St. David's U.C. in Lampeter, Wales. I'm also teaching a couple of modules to first years this year, and writing a series of four textbooks aimed at ICT teachers & pupils. I've written a couple of articles for national newspapers over the past few months, and am hoping to keep doing that in the future.

When I'm not at uni, I live near Leeds, in Yorkshire, which is handy considering that Leeds University run PhD & EdD courses that allow my specialist field of interest. S0 hopefully that will work out, and I'll end up doing a Doctorate while living in my ever-so-pleasant new apartment.

Beyond that, my hobbies are graphic/web design, writing fiction, working out (irregularly, and poorly), running my play-by-email RPG Task Force Twelve with a few friends of mine, and other, less interesting stuff.

In my time on ROM, I've created everyone's favourite Roman province-inspired area, Zucchabar, all of the rooms, mobs & objects in Great Market Fair (Foxtail providing descriptions), a full re-write of Camelot that left it in superb order, but some stupid bloody bug ended up reverting back to the original, and I'm half way through a revamp of the Wyvern's Tower, which I'm hoping to complete relatively soon, though I don't get much time for ROM anymore, unfortunately.

Anyhow, time to go. Pip pip and all that!


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